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My world!

The Gorbea Family

How it all began....

It all started about 15 years ago when my wife Raquel and I celebrated the birth of the first born Angelina. Excited as all first time parents are we wanted to capture every moment possible...therefore we went out and purchased a camera.  Since I was an IT guy I knew photography was moving towards a digital era (If you know IT people..we love to play around with the latest and greatest technology we can get their hands on...I was no exception!).  With that said I went out and bought our first digital camera..a Sony Mavica. Unfortunately after a short while of frustration we realized the Sony Mavica was not a good camera and was too slow to capture fast moving objects (baby running and smiling).   So we invested in our first Digital DSLR camera.... the Canon EOS Rebel as well as a Panasonic 3CCD video camera.

Throughout the years and a couple of new additions to the family,  you couldn't find Ray and Raquel without a camera in their hands.  Soon family and friends were requesting personal photo shoots, portraits, Wedding photos and well as Videos.  

Over time photography and videography was no longer a hobby therefore Ray Gorbea Visual Productions was formed.