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Love has no Boundaries...A Long Island City Surprise Proposal

Love has no Boundaries...

As a Photographer and Filmmaker I look for stories that capture incredible meaning and emotion. From experience the most common theme is...Love.

Love has no country code, area code, zip code, no boundaries.  People will cross great lengths, make sacrificial journeys and do the unimaginable for the sake of Love.  

Today I bring you Zain's journey as he travels across the Atlantic from London to New York to surprise the his one and only true Love Sabihah for her hand in marriage.

LIC Landing   - The final proposal location elegantly prepared.

LIC Landing  - The final proposal location elegantly prepared.

When Zain contacted me about shooting the proposal and portraits I had to jump on the opportunity.  I was just as excited as he was. Everything had to be timed perfectly.  That meant depending on Flights being on time, the Long Island Railroad being on schedule as well as Hurricane Julia's path slowing down.  Luckily NYC dodged the Hurricane and we ended having great weather!

The proposal took place on the boardwalk of LIC Landing with the help of some good people over at COFFEED.  We also had some family members of Zain and Sabihah assisting as well.  They kept Sabihah on course while she was given clues to the final proposal location.

LIC Landing   - Sabihah reading her final clue. 

LIC Landing  - Sabihah reading her final clue. 


The proposal worked out great and was perfectly executed.  Of course she said Yes!  

After the proposal we walked up from LIC Landing to Gantry Plaza State Park and watched an amazing sunset over the incredible Skyline of New York City.     It couldn't get better than this!

See photo gallery below for additional photos.